About Us

Much like other DIY labels, A World We Never Made is more of a collective than a "Record Label". No one is signed, we just help out bands wherever we can; whether that be putting out a release for them, promoting their band or label, booking shows for them, collaborating on split band/label release etc, etc...

We are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-fascist, anti-sexism and pro-choice.

If you like what we are doing here please feel free to contact us for any reason, send demos or links to tracks or just add us up on all our pages to get up-to-date news on all goings on. We will check out all requests, get back to you and try and help out however we can. Contact details can be found in the Contact Us section. 

Please check out our releases and compilations in the Upcoming, Physical and Digital Release sections!

Cheers and Beers!!