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We Are Back Compilation - Release Party w/ Rash Decision & 2 Sick Monkeys


To celebrate the release of the We Are Back! Compilation and to help out Rash Decision & 2 Sick Monkeys with a show for their tour we have a 'HARD-AS-NAILS' line-up at the Birds Nest for all you punx to get pissed up for and as always entry is completely free!!


On tour with 2 Sick Monkeys to celebrate the release of their split together on Pumpkin Records! Rash Decision are fast, aggressive hardcore punk/thrashers from the murk of Cornwall. With their explosive mixture of hardcore, punk, thrash and metal, mixed with a tight performance and an all-out sonic attack on stage, the band comes alive with frenetic precision and aggression. Hateful, harmful and heavy!!

On tour with Rash Decision to celebrate the release of their split together on Pumpkin Records! 2 Sick Monkeys are a live, bass and drum two piece from Swindon. Their influences range from the complex rhythms of Nomeansno to the catchy melodies of Green Day. Tight, melodic and percussively in your face. Small outfit, BIG SOUND!!

Born out of the east London smog, Oiz II Men come to drink, and drive hard-hitting punk rock into the trend-infested music scene that is polluting the airwaves and music players across the globe. A quintet formed out of a mutual love for punk rock and drink, and a mutual distaste for fashion-punkers, right-wing fascist nazi bastards and their foot-soldier lap-dogs.

Loud, fast and distorted DIY Punk Rock shitters from Basingstoke. Play a really great, engaging, in-you-face set not to be missed. Witness the shitness!!


The We Are Back! Compilation is a brand new compilation from Ungovernable Resistance DIY, Agamenon Project, A World We Never Made, & Death From Above. This is a joint solidarity project to promote unity, mutual aid and DIY music from crust, hardcore, power violence, hc punk & grind etc. Featuring over 100 underground DIY bands split across 12 volumes and it's now available for immediate download in a file type of you choice absolutely free in-which users are encouraged to re-post on other blogs and websites.

You can download volumes 1-6 in a file type of your choice here:
Alternatively, if you just want the MP3's you can download volumes 1-12 here:


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Dirty Squatters Compilation: 
Music For The Homeless

A World We Never Made have an epic compilation coming out Spring 2012 to raise awareness and funds for squatting and homelessness with all proceeds going to SQUASH (Squatters' Action For Secure Homes) and PUNK 4 THE HOMELESS. Featuring 50 amazing acts! Everything from Grindcore to Spoken Word covered over two volumes; one of Ska/Dub/Folk/Spoken Word and the other Punk/Hardcore/Crust/Grind. Each volume will be released separately on CDr and Download (MP3, FLAC etc. via bandcamp), both for a suggested donation of £3. Plus a limited 2xCD Digipack of both volumes for a suggested donation of £6. I'm currently looking for other labels to co-release the digipack version with me, so if you are a label or you know a label that would be up for helping out please do get in touch via email at: aworldwenevermade@hotmail.co.uk.

Members Gary DS & G-Rant of 2000 Dirty Squatters have kindly donated the track 'Dirty Squatter' for the opening of the Punk/Hardcore side of the compilation!
Crusties, punx, travelers and squatters, 2000 ravers together we're the plotters!

Andy T of Crass Records has very kindly allowed us to include his poem 'Dirty Squatters' as the opening track to the Spoken Word side of the compilation!
"Male and female, young and old. Thousands locked out in the cold. Thousands of homeless walk the streets nowhere to go, no food to eat. Can't afford high council rates, long housing lists aren't worth the wait.
All we want is a right to squat, free from the threat of eviction. The right to live in derelict houses, free from police restriction. Loads of empty houses all over town, all you do is knock them down. You don't think about people sleeping in a ditch, you only bother about the fortunate rich.
You'll all take notice of squatters some day, cause what ever you think we won't go away!" - Andy T

I'm also dedicating the compilation to Gary DS of 2000 Dirty Squatters and everyone that was affected by the tragic accident on 1st August 2011. 
R.I.P. Gary DS, Kat, Caisie & Tallie. 1/08/2011 Our thoughts are with their family and friends.

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SQUASH (Squatters' Action For Secure Homes)


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Thanks for the continued support with this compilation and the label, much appreciated. Keep spreading the word and stay D.I.Y.

Squat & Live.

Burnt Out Compilation I - CD Release Party

As you are all very much aware A World We Never Made have recently released Burnt Out Compilation I on digital download for a suggest donation of £2. Featuring 28 bands from London and the South East. The CD version, which will be co-released with Anarchotic Records; should be available on the day for a suggested donation of just £5. However if you have already donated for the download you can just pay the difference for a copy, don't want to rip anyone off now, I will have a list of names of people who have downloaded it so just tell me your name and I'll sort you out.

As always all profit will get donated to worthy causes such as IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) and ABC (Anarchist Black Cross Brighton).



Jakal are a 5-piece band who have been gigging all over London and the UK for 10 years, playing a feral mash-up of Punk, Ska, Reggae and Dub. Mixing Conscious lyrics, skanking beats and dirty riffs, Jakal have always been true to DIY ideals. They have supported many causes such as No Borders, No Sweat and Climate Camp.

One asshole from California, two shitheads from Italy and one hyperactive Brazilian have been shredding up the London scene for some time now, with great response!! Their coming down to represent the scene and have a bit of a thrash!!! Members of Chaotic Mess, Armed Response Unit, FOFAB etc.

Fast aggressive hardcore fucking punk with reggae and ska thrown in for good measure!!

Straight up Hardcore Punk, been playing some legendary shows recently with the mighty Napalm Death and Crust lords Antisect, but they never turn down a party with their mates.

A mix of old school US hardcore, boozed up punk rock and balls to the wall crossover thrash from Croydon, UK.

Crusty Dub/Hardcore. Greed Force side project, if you haven't already check these guys out!!

Folk/Ska Punk band hailing from Basingstoke, UK. A real fun and engaging live experience along with great people and a great message. Get your skank on!! 

To kick things off acoustic Tom foolery from the underweight bass player of The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Sort of a Frank Turner on speed, always a laugh!! 

Free entry obviously but any extra donations will go to band travel and sound guy, we would rather you donate to the CD as it's going to great causes and supports the label, also we wouldn't want you breaking into your booze money now would we.

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